How to Care for your Tea Plant

The PDF guides below offer a wealth of information on how to care for your tea plants.

Generally, Tea plants thrive in the following conditions:

  • Partial shade to full sun
  • Good drainage
  • Acid soil (pH 4.5-5.5)
  • Temperatures between 50-90 degrees F

Recommended Tea Plant Fertilizers

Resource: Espoma HT8 Holly-Tone 4-3-4, 8 Pounds

Holly-tone is an excellent organic fertilizer for acid-loving plants, like tea plants. It is a granular mix that is applied to the soil around the base of the plant or mixed in with a new batch of potting medium before transplanting. I feed my tea plants with Holly-tone at least 3 times per year.

Resource: Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Plant Food

This water soluble fertilizer compliments granule foods like Holly-tone well, as it feeds the plants through its leaves (foliar feed) as well as through the roots. Comparatively, water soluble plant foods are fast-acting, as they are absorbed by the plant within minutes and they are the ideal option for quickly correctly any nutrient deficiencies.

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