May 21

Citrus medica var. sacrodactylis & The tree-sized man

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2014-05-21 17.19.54Buddha’s Hand, Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis

The tree-sized donor (above) posing with the oddest citrus in the world. It bears palmate fruits; fruits that you want to shake hands with. Freshly zested onto anything induces a intoxicatingly fragrant fixation. Thank you! Checkout The Fruit…

A New Home

Tea recipe #1: “Man-sized tea”

(4:1:1) GREEN TEA + fresh-ground Mentha spicata leaves + fresh-zested Buddha’s Hand. Steep 60 sec @ 175°F, cool to tongue, then serve.

May 14

Historic Lexington, GA

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A hometown for tea in the historic Georgian Piedmont? Check out my cameo in this promotional video for Lexington, GA.