Help us!

We will need all of your inputs to start growing tea in the southern Piedmont of the USA. Developing a network of advocates, growers, consumers, and stakeholders is key to our success. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Send us your Camellia sinensis plants & seeds! We are currently selecting plants that will produce the best-tasting future tea. If you have a tea plant in your yard, consider harvesting the seeds this September and sending us a few; we would love to grow them into new tea plants! Selecting from a diverse genetic pool will help us to find those plants that thrive the best in the southern Piedmont region. Please contact Tygh Walters via email:
  • Land Wanted! We are officially in the market for land to start our tea farm! An old homestead, orchard, or farm with 2+ acres within 60 miles of Athens, GA or Atlanta, GA would be ideal. Interested sellers, please contact Tygh Walters via email:

Check out a list of our current sponsors!